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Sudoku is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.

The rules of sudoku are simple. You have to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9x9 grid made up of 3x3 regions, starting with various digits given in some cells. Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral.

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3x3 Basic Sudoku Puzzle ID: 46,175,824
3x3 Basic Sudoku Puzzle ID: 53,806,375
3x3 Basic Sudoku Puzzle ID: 70,112,614
3x3 Basic Sudoku Puzzle ID: 35,803,473
3x3 Basic Sudoku Puzzle ID: 43,752,685
3x3 Basic Sudoku Puzzle ID: 19,788,773

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